Bar Guide Dubai


27th floor, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai

The “7-star hotel” Burj Al Arab Jumeirah has gone big on Gold On 27 – a palatial 27th-storey bar that opens up the famous Sail Hotel to non-staying guests for the first time. Bring your sunglasses – this place gleams with gold and has floor-to-ceiling views as good as any in Dubai. Gold On 27 could so easily have been about fruit bombs from a great height, but actually its drinks are aimed at a more cocktail-qualified clientele. Paul Bradley, formerly of The Grosvenor Hotel in London, presides over a menu that for once shows something of Dubai’s cultural heritage. Below the Ground plays on the tradition of water refrigeration in the region – the cocktail is ‘conditioned’ in stone jugs. The Rub’ Al Khali uses camel milk-washed bourbon, Kholas dates and prunes. Finally in a luxury Dubai hotel, the drinks are as mouth-watering as the décor is eye-watering.