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Angostura Reserva 5/7 year old/1999/1824


Brand owner Angostura

RRP Reserva: £19.99, US$26, €24

5 Year Old: £25.99, US$35, €31

7 Year Old: £29.99, US$40, €36

1919: £40.99, US$55, €50

1824: £55, US$73, €66

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Caribbean rum producer Angostura has unveiled five expressions. Angostura Reserva is a blend of white rums aged for a minimum of three years; 5 Year Old is a blend of light gold rums distilled in Angostura’s still in Trinidad. The 7 Year Old is selected from light, medium and heavy rums. 1919 is a blend of rums aged in charred, used bourbon oak casks, while 1824 is a blend of gold rums aged for a minimum 12 years. It celebrates the birth of the House of Angostura in 1824.