Pick of the Launches

Gibson’s gin ‘so jean’


Brand owner La Martiniquaise

RRP €14, £12, US$16

Markets Worldwide (70cl & 1ltr)

Contact: William Ploquin-Maurell +33 (0)1 4353 8606, william.ploquin-maurell@la-martiniquaise.fr,


La Martiniquaise has released a limited-edition bottle of Gibson’s, its London Dry gin.

This year’s limited edition is said to be “adorned with denim”. The label has been designed to recreate the touch and texture of the denim fabric. A specific cap has been developed to increase the visibility and personality of the brand.

So Jean (37.5% abv) draws its inspiration from the punk rock movement of the 1980s and shows off its style with the red and blue iconic colours.