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Brand owner Beam Suntory

RRP $70

Markets Americas and Asia Pacific travel retail

Contact BeamSuntoryGTR@ldrlondon.com

Exclusive to travel retail, Maker’s Mark Private Select is claimed to give consumers a “new understanding of the complexities of creating a unique tasting bourbon that wanders in intriguing ways from the traditional taste profile, while still being distinctively Maker’s Mark”.

It is made using cask strength Maker’s Mark and finished in five-stave barrels. Beam Suntory says Maker’s Mark Private Select begins with fully-matured, uncut cask strength Maker’s Mark before being finished in barrels created using a combination of five oak staves, each of which has been selected by the retailers based on their ability to accentuate Maker’s Mark’s tasting notes.

With countless possible combinations, each stave intensifies the flavours found in the liquid to create unique expressions with different taste profiles.

Two of these expressions have been created using staves selected by customers in America, Australia and New Zealand.