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Beluga Epicure by Lalique


Brand owner Synergy Group

RRP approx. €6,000

Markets Global

Contact vodka-beluga.com

A limited-edition series of 1,000 decanters produced by Lalique, crystal maker for Beluga vodka, is the first global collaboration of Beluga vodka.

This is also the first time Lalique has worked with a vodka brand and the first project carried out by Lalique for a Russian brand. The handmade decanters are filled with Beluga vodka, created with what is said to be a unique recipe.

Beluga says it went into the distillery archives to create Epicure’s recipe. Beluga master distillers used a special malt spirit produced from a select wheat harvest.

Only a small portion of the final distillation was collected, ensuring only the finest quality spirit went into each bottle.