Exchanging glances

“We continue to develop other areas of our business and we remain positive about the future. We are looking forward to celebrating the Taylor’s Port 325th anniversary next year,” says Bridge.

Theveney says: “Producers have increased their efforts and have taken appropriate measures to promote the port category worldwide. We observe a wide phenomenon of premiumisation, with the release of numerous vintages ports or very limited editions, for instance.”

This strategy works well in some specific markets, such as Canada and the US. Consumers are ready to pay more than before for port and acknowledge that a good port is worth a good wine. Port also benefits from the rising reputation of Portuguese and Douro wines across the world.

“Porto Cruz assumes its role of category leader and wants to galvanise and grow the whole category, making port accessible to all consumers and rejuvenate consumption.

“The Porto Cruz brand invested a lot in colourful and attractive campaigns. Our iconic woman in black is a ‘living’ proof of the brand evolution over the years. We look towards more modernity but we stay true to our roots, proud of our Portuguese origins and port expertise. We claim ourselves as an authentic and traditional brand in a contemporary way. We want to help port become more fashionable,” concludes Porto Cruz’s Theveney.