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Peroni Ambra combines crisp and refreshing Peroni and the sharpness of Italian Chinotto – pronounced Kee-not-toe, a rare Italian citrus fruit, grown and harvested in Liguria, North West Italy – to offer a bitter and fragrant flavour for the early evening drinking occasion that sees continued growth among modern drinkers.

Peroni Ambra is served from its 25cl bottle into a bespoke tumbler glass, over ice, and garnished with an orange peel twist. Its flavour is said to leave the palate cleansed and refreshed, much like its Italian cocktail counterpart – the Negroni, which is now the second most popular cocktail in the UK and remains a top 10 classic in the world’s best bars.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro has been brewed in Italy since 1963 from one of three breweries across Italy; Padova, Rome and Bari.