Brexit pushes up the price of a bottle of wine, says WSTA

The WSTA says: 56% of the money British consumers pay for a bottle of wine, the equivalent to £2.16, goes on wine duty. It is more for a bottle of sparkling wine at £2.77.

Fourteen countries in the EU have zero rates for wine and therefore only 21% of a bottle of wine sold in France or Spain is taken up in tax and 19% in Germany.

The UK is at the centre of the global wine trade accounting nearly 15% of the world’s wine imports. The UK is the 2nd largest trader by volume (behind Germany) and by value (behind USA, cementing its role as a key international player.

The UK wine industry employs 172,000 people directly and a further 105,000 indirectly in the supply chain.

It generates £9.5bn to the Exchequer including £4bn in duty and contributes to the public purse more money than any other alcohol category. 

This is the averaged priced bottle of wine sold in the UK each quarter over the past two years:

2015- Q1


2015- Q2


2015- Q3


2015- Q4


2016- Q1


2016- Q2


2016- Q3


2016- Q4


2017- Q1


2017- Q2


The WSTA represents more than 300 companies producing, importing, transporting and selling wine and spirits in the UK.