Mr Lyan and Doug McMaster to launch new restaurant 'Cub'

Bartender Ryan Chetiyawardana (Mr Lyan) and his team have partnered with chef Doug McMaster, of Brighton’s zero-waste restaurant Silo, to launch Cub at the former White Lyan site in September.

Cub will sit above the recently launched basement bar Super Lyan and offer their modern interpretation of a restaurant. It will be Mr Lyan's first full foray into the world of dining, and Doug McMaster’s first venture in the capital.

On the launch of Cub, Mr Lyan said: “We want to keep pushing boundaries, but in a way that feels accessible and honest as well as exciting and modern. 

"Cub will be the continuation of these conversations but taking them in a new direction – looking at how we can rejoin the worlds of food and drink, and showcase the importance of innovation and sustainability to a wider public."

The venue will aim to go beyond just food pairing by approaching both elements as a united entity. This marks a return to how both parties define the dining experience; creating and presenting serves in an inclusive manner with a combined vision.

Working with partners Krug Champagne, Belvedere and LVMH and with input from Dr Arielle Johnson – former resident scientist at Noma and current flavour scientist and Director’s Fellow at the MIT Media Lab – Cub will remain at the heart of the Mr Lyan team’s development and experimentation.

On partnering with the Mr Lyan team, McMaster said: “Cub is a very exciting collaboration which allows us to explore how both our industries can come together to make a really unique experience.

"There’s always been a synergy between our businesses, and this allows us to explore how that can develop.”

Whilst sustainable practice will be the norm, the Mr Lyan team and McMaster also aim to generate a modern, fresh conversation around sustainability - an increasingly ubiquitous topic that White Lyan was fundamental in bringing into the minds of the bar world.

Through work with Dr Arielle Johnson, the venue will become its own ecosystem with experimental ingredients grown on site as part of a program to research the effects of the environment on food growth and flavour.