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Brand owner Destilarías Unidas

RRP €69, US$79

Markets Global

Contact info@diplomaticorum.com

The company says the Distillery Collection comprises a limited edition featuring two single distilled rums: a Single Batch Kettle rum and a Single Barbet Column rum, both 47% abv.

It is said to showcase Diplomático’s alternative distillation processes, featuring each Venezuelan rum’s personality and offering aficionados the opportunity to discover these single distillates in their purest form.

Nº1 The Batch Kettle rum is made from sugar cane honeys, distilled in a semi-artisanal and discontinuous Canadian batch distillation system and aged in American white oak barrels for six years. Tasting notes: elegant and rich nose, well balanced on the palate with a sweet entry, followed by hints of ripe tropical fruits.

Nº2 The Barbet Column Rum is made from sugar cane molasses, distilled in a continuous French Barbet Column and aged in American white oak barrels for four years. Tasting notes: mango and passion fruit aromas with notes of caramel and oak.