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Brand owner Crafted Beverages

RRP £38

Markets Initial UK launch, then global

Contact Co-founder Andrew Whiting: andrew@craftedbeverages.co.uk

Far Reaches claims to be one of only a handful of special spirits to be conceived, distilled and bottled in the British capital – the historical home of gin.

It is said to be a small-batch gin, distilled using 13 botanicals and inspired by global travel. It is described as a twist on the classic London Dry style, with a forward citrus and floral taste profile.

The base of Far Reaches (41.3% abv) is said to be a premium English grain spirit distilled four times before the signature botanicals are infused with the base spirit and hand-distilled for a fifth time in a 500-litre pot still in London. This five-hour final stage yields only 200 litres of the pure spirit.

There follows a minimum 10-day resting period to allow the essential oils to develop fully.

Five key botanicals, each from a different continent, are central to the recipe: kumquat from Asia, juniper from Europe, quandong from Australia, sarsaparilla from the Americas and grains of paradise from Africa.