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Brand owner Four Roses

RRP €145, £130, $172

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Four Roses is claimed to be the only bourbon distillery that can combine five proprietary yeast strains with two separate mash bills to produce 10 distinct bourbon recipes.

This small batch limited edition features three of those bourbons (a 13 and 15-year-old from the distillery’s ‘Oesk’ recipe, plus a 12-year-old from its ‘Oesv’ recipe) and marks the first limited-edition small batch in the brand’s history to feature only its low rye mash bill (20% rye).

Made by master distiller Brent Elliot, just 3,000 hand-numbered bottles will be available across Europe.

Bottled at barrel strength (53.9% abv), the bourbon is said to be remarkably balanced. Warm aromas of allspice and vanilla bean mingle with rich apricot and stewed fruits.

This year’s Limited Edition follows the success of Four Roses’ Small Batch being listed in all UK Marks & Spencer stores.

Elliott said: “In blind samplings this one always stood out – there’s a remarkable synergy among the three batches.”