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Brand owner Diageo

RRP KRW 23,660 ( 45cl bottle incl. VAT)

Market Korea

Contact diageo.com

Diageo introduces W Signature 12 (35% abv) in Korea, a new spirit drink made with 12-year-old scotch whisky and flavours. It was said to be made by three master blenders. With this launch, Diageo Korea says it has announced its ambition to become number one in the low-abv (below 40%) segment in Korea. Douglas Murray, one of W Signature 12’s master blenders, described the product as having “triple smoothness”. Akira Sung, a whisky expert who runs Diageo’s professional bartending training programme, World Class Bar Academy, said: “W Signature 12 is rich in smooth and sweet honey aroma and fruit aroma, and its taste is smooth and complex, with a little bit of a bitter cedar flavour. It offers a round texture in the mouth and a smooth finish.” Its bottle design is described as being fit for a casual and lively atmosphere of consuming low abv alcohol. The dark grey colour and the curved design are said to embody the triple smoothness.