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Brand owner Belsazar (founded by Sebastian Brack and Maximillian Wagner)

RRP £29.99, €24.90

Markets Europe

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Belsazar Riesling (16%) is described as a fragrant and fruity vermouth, celebrating the classic Riesling grape and pineapple, made in collaboration with renowned winery Dr Loosen. With only 4,000 bottles created, it was made at the Alfred Schladerer distillery, Baden-Wurttemberg, in Germany’s Black Forest. The Riesling is said to be blended with a secret selection of macerates made with botanicals, including dried Azores pineapple, and the

Schladerer fruit brandies. It’s then aged for months in stone casks to enhance and preserve the complex flavours.

Belsazar is said to be redefining the way vermouth is enjoyed in the UK. Belsazar said it works with established and award- winning wineries to ensure a redefined taste, which is completely different to ‘classic’ or traditional vermouth. The Riesling variety celebrates the classic floral and fruity flavours of the grape, and results in harmony between the tropical flavour and tart finish. The vermouth can be drunk on it’s own, topped with tonics or mixed in cocktails.