Bordeneuve Châteaux & Collection branches into US markets

Bordeneuve Châteaux & Collection has formed a new partnership with US-based importer, Biagio Cru and Estate Wines LLC.

Biagio Cru and Estate Wines LLC has distribution links in all 50 states in the US and specialises in wines and Armagnac.

“We have been working closely for the last few months with Biagio, attentive to their wishes and market requirements,” said Jérôme Castledine, commercial director at Bordeneuve Châteaux & Collection.

“In particular, we have redesigned the front and back labels for the products, so as to best adapt them to the North American market.”

Its orange liqueur, La Grande Josiane and Calvados Charles de Granville ranges will be the first products of Bordeneuve Châteaux & Collection to undergo the new joint venture between the two family businesses.

“These labels are fantastic,” said Ben Restivo, managing director for Biagio. "They correspond exactly to what we were looking for in our markets."

Castledine concluded: “We are convinced that we are but at the start of a long and close venture together; a successful and friendly cooperation.”