Brands Report: Brands in Cocktails


With all that tomato and Tobasco, how much difference does the vodka brand make? Well either way, 36% go for Ketel One, 13% opt for Absolut and 10% for Stoli – so a difference from the Vodka Best Selling list, which has Grey Goose at number two.


The Espresso Martini is one of the cocktails of the moment and almost a third of bartenders opt for Ketel One as their first choice. Absolut takes second spot – 18% of bars said they used the Pernod Brand – while Grey Goose is the choice in 15% of bars.


Don Julio is the top tequila choice in this sour drink, says 19% of the world’s best bars, while 16% says Ocho and 11% Calle 23. In total 16 brands were mentioned in response to this question, with no one brand dominating. Since bartenders transitioned to 100% agave, it’s been more of an open field.


Monkey Shoulder was the third choice a year ago but first choice this year, with 18% of the field suggesting it made the best Penicillins. Johnnie Walker isn’t used to second place in the Brands Report, but loses out here in the fight for this neo-classic that is now the 15th most made classic in top bars and the top scotch mix. Johnnie Walker came in with 17% of the vote and Dewar’s had 13%.