American whiskey sales in Australia up 41% from 2005

American whiskey is becoming the most popular spirit of choice in Australia according to data collected by The Distilled Spirits Council.

The data suggests that Australians are consuming 19m glasses of American whiskey a month on average, taking total retail sales of American Whiskey in Australia to USD$1.34 bn, up 41% from 2005.

To discuss the data, the US trade delegation was welcomed to Australia by the Acting Consul General of the US, Linda Daetwyler, along with Rey Santella, a representative from the US Department of Agriculture and US Embassy in Australia.

“Premiumisation continues to drive whiskey sales in Australia with bourbon, Tennessee whiskey and American rye whiskey all enjoying a huge boom with imports up 34% from last year,” said Robert Maron, director of international affairs at the Distilled Spirits Council.

Ready-to-drink American whiskey products also continue ot flourish in Australia, acting as the biggest market for Jim Beam Cola.