OUR/NEW YORK opened to the public in May.

The Swedish based company Our/Vodka opened the first distillery in Manhattan since Prohibition. Our/New York is the latest subsidiary of Our/Vodka, a global vodka family of local micro-distilleries built in city centers around the world. It has taken the Our/Vodka team over five years to maneuver the complex environment and regulations of New York City to finally open the first legal distillery in Manhattan since almost 100 years.

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Our/New York opened to the public on May 25th and is the sixth member in the Our/Vodka family which has already successfully launched in Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Detroit, and Los Angeles. Following New York, Our/Vodka plans to open in Miami.  Our/Vodka was started in 2010 by a group of Swedish entrepreneurs with the idea of creating a global vodka brand built on local relevance. It was later funded by Pernod Ricard.

Our/Vodka has created an innovative business model which combines global and local. Our/Vodka builds local micro-distilleries in city centers. Each city gives Our/Vodka its unique expression, name and character and together they make up the world’s first family of vodkas.  Once opened, each distillery is managed independently by a local team who run the business and build the brand in a way they feel best suited for their city. Our/New York will be managed by local skate wear entrepreneur and artist Dave Ortiz – a co-founder of DQM. (Dave's Quality Meats).

Our/New York Interior

Located at 151 West 26th Street in Chelsea, the heart of Manhattan, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, the Our/New York distillery will also feature a combined public tasting room, bar and retail shop. The space will also serve the community as a gallery and event space. Visitors will be welcome to stop by the distillery for drinks, tours and tastings.

Our/Vodka Founder and CEO Åsa Caap Says: "Our/New York is an important and exciting chapter in the Our/Vodka story and also makes history in New York city. It’s been 5 years since I signed the lease for our space and since then we’ve worked day and night. Amongst other things we’ve changed the zoning within Manhattan 

Our/New York distilleryand received a code variance from the New York Fire Department.  In total, we’ve had over 220 meeting with different authorities. As you can imagine, the team and I look forward to finally opening”

Find out how it all started & let Dave introduce you to his New York in the 1st episode of the documentary "The vodka Family" below.

On Youtube you'll find the rest of the episodes in which Dave travels to every Our/Vodka city to learn what it takes to open a distillery and become part of his vodka family.