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Brand owner Søren & Bettina Kongsgaard, Nordic by Nature

RRP £42.95, €49, HK$450.62

Markets Scandinavia, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong

Contact World Wide Direct contact: we@kongsgaardgin.com UK contact: Direct & Original Brands UK distributors: Enotria & Coe, Speciality Drinks, Bibendum.

Inspired by the forests of Denmark, Kongsgaard gin (44% abv) has been built around The Tree. Botanicals go from root to fruit. Seed & Root: corriander, galngal, licorice, chufa, ginger. Bark & Branch: charred oak, resin, cinnamon. Flower & Fruit: juniper, apple, lemon.

The gin is distilled in an open flame charentais, situated in the heart of old town Cognac.

Tasting notes: “On the nose you get, crisp apple and light juniper with a tint of spice and citrus.

“Once diluted with a drop of water, the liquid clouds as the essential oils opens up, intensifying both earthier and piney notes. First mouthful, starts up extremely smooth, followed by warm spiced apple pie – with a slightly floral freshness from ginger and galangal, seamlessly balanced on a silky palate of incredible depth.”