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Brand owner Takara Shuzo Corp

RRP £49.99, €56.96

Markets Worldwide, excluding US

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Tomatin Five Virtues (46% abv) draws its inspiration from the elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – and comes packaged in cartons adorned with contemporary Scottish art, created by Eva Ullrich.Each of the Five Virtues malts is said to come with its own “distinct complexity and character”.

For example: “Metal: Distinct character expressed by the distillery’s 12 copper stills. Typically soft, sweet and light with flavours of soft, creamy, vanilla laced with sweet treats such as milk chocolate, marshmallows and ice cream. Citrus notes also emerge with equally sweet spices.

“Water: Inspired by the water from the Alt-na-Frith burn, Tomatin’s private water source. Water is mature, expressing fruity flavours with hits of chocolate honeycomb and smooth toffee, which are complemented by rich blood orange marmalade. This warming whisky has a long and oily finish.”