Branding: Understand your ‘reason for being’

All too often, data becomes a good way to argue against genuine understanding. Some of the world’s most successful brands – think Coca-Cola, Innocent, Apple – were created without a reliance on research. When I created the Amazon logo in 2000, there were no research groups, just a big idea and a brave client in Jeff Bezos, who just knew it was the right solution. It’s still being used, unchanged, 18 years later.  


It’s essential to have a clear understanding of your brand, and bear in mind that truths are so much more powerful than marketing spin. But be sure to unearth the right truth, the one that will engage and motivate your target consumers, and the one that is truer of your brand than anyone else’s.


Take a step back, be prepared to challenge existing assumptions about your brand, and remember that consumers, the market and the competition don’t sit still, they change.