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Brand owner Mr Black Roasters & Distillers

RRP £40.00, AU$75.00, NZ$70.00

Markets UK, Australia, NZ, Hong Kong (July)

Contact Tom Baker, +61 405 232 148 tom@mrblack.co

Mr Black Coffee Amaro (25.8% abv) is the latest launch from Australia’s Mr Black Roasters & Distillers, and is a tribute to the country’s coffee culture and Italy’s amaro heritage. Made with cold brew coffee and 13 additional distilled and macerated fresh botanicals – including citrus from the brand’s distillery garden – Mr Black Coffee Amaro can be drunk neat as a digestif or as an aperitif with tonic and is currently featured on the new American Bar menu at The Savoy.

Tasting notes include “bitter gentian, orange, grapefruit and toasted coffee, high quality bitter finish without overwhelming the palate.”

Tom Baker, co-founder of Mr Black, said: “What people might not know about Mr Black is our coffee roastery is also a world-class gin distillery. We make coffee by night and distill botanicals during the day.”