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Brand owner Adnams

RRP Ghost Ship 0.5%, cans 4x33cl £4.50

Ghost Ship 0.5%, cans 12x33cl £12.99

Ghost Ship 0.5%, 50cl bottle £1.59

Ghost Ship 0.5%, bottle 8x50cl £11.99

Markets UK only

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Adnams says its Ghost Ship Alcohol-Free beer has all the same flavours and aromas as Adnams original Ghost Ship, but at 0.5% abv, which complies with UK law. Adnams brews Ghost Ship as normal, but then sends a batch to its new de-alcoholisation equipment. This uses osmosis to remove most of the alcohol via permeable membrane under pressure and a low temperature. Ghost Ship Alcohol-Free has 21 calories per 10cl and is said to provide a low alcohol but “great tasting” drink for summer days and nights.