Pick of the Launches

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International magazine July edition.



Brand owner Lookout Group

RRP £36.96-£39.60, €42-€45, $49.02-$52.52

Markets Global

Contact Lookout Group (+33) 09 74 77 26 51

Kuna (40% abv) is a launch from the Lookout Group, taking advantage of the growing appeal of premium dark rums globally. During the Panamanian dry season from December to April, freshly pressed sugar cane juice is fermented and distilled before being matured in ex-bourbon casks for eight years. These rums are then blended and aged for a further six months in French oak barrels, giving the liquid, according to the company, “sweet and subtle smoky aromas with a hint of red fruit flavours and a smooth character”. Kuna is said to be best enjoyed as a sipping rum, neat or on the rocks.



Brand owner Albourne Estate

RRP £20

Markets UK only

Contact albourneestate.co.uk

New from Albourne Estate is 40 vermouth (18% abv), a white, semi-dry vermouth named after the 40 botanicals it is infused with. The East Sussex, UK, winery uses matured base wines blended with a botanical extract, which is created from a selection of 40 herbs, spices and citrus peels and sugar. This is then fortified using spirit prior to bottling. The estate says 40 vermouth can be enjoyed on its own as an aperitif or instead of a dessert wine. Alternatively, it can be mixed with sparkling wine, as part of a cocktail, or with tonic water.



Brand owner Adnams

RRP Ghost Ship 0.5%, cans 4x33cl £4.50

Ghost Ship 0.5%, cans 12x33cl £12.99

Ghost Ship 0.5%, 50cl bottle £1.59

Ghost Ship 0.5%, bottle 8x50cl £11.99

Markets UK only

Contact Katherine Gordine, katherine@westgatecomms.com

Adnams says its Ghost Ship Alcohol-Free beer has all the same flavours and aromas as Adnams original Ghost Ship, but at 0.5% abv, which complies with UK law. Adnams brews Ghost Ship as normal, but then sends a batch to its new de-alcoholisation equipment. This uses osmosis to remove most of the alcohol via permeable membrane under pressure and a low temperature. Ghost Ship Alcohol-Free has 21 calories per 10cl and is said to provide a low alcohol but “great tasting” drink for summer days and nights.



Brand owner Luscombe Drinks

RRP £1.95, €2.50-€2.95

Markets Europe

Contact Gareth Hess, gareth.hess@luscombe.co.uk

Luscombe Drinks has launched a range of organic sparkling fruit waters in response to increasing consumer demand for no-added-sugar products. The first three flavours are Passion Fruit, Sour Cherry and Raspberry. With minimal processing, Luscombe’s sparkling fruit waters are made using carbonated soft Devon spring water and organic, responsibly sourced fruit. They do not contain artificial flavours, additives, sweeteners or preservatives. All three flavours are low in natural sugar content and calories (fewer than 15 calories per 10cl).



Brand owner Churchill’s Port

RRP £60-£70, €68.23-€79.60, $79.51-$92.76

Markets Global

Contact New Generation Wines, +44 (0)207 938 7300

Churchill’s Vintage Port 2016 (20% abv), made in the Cima Corgo and Douro Superior regions, is new from Churchill’s Port. Churchill said its decision to declare 2016 a vintage was based on the “purity, ripeness and intensity of its fruit flavours, but especially on its excellent natural acidity”. A key factor in Churchill’s dry style is the longer fermentation time, which means less added brandy and more natural alcohol, giving the wine more structure. All Churchill’s ports and Douro wines are said to be made only with Grade A grapes and produced “exclusively” with native grape varieties.



Brand owner Radico Khaitan

RRP £34.33, €39, $45.42

Markets Global and travel retail

Contact exports@radico.co.in

Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin (43% abv) is new from Radico Khaitan, produced in the Rampur Distillery in India. Jaisalmer has “royal” black packaging with touches of muted gold. Its look aims for “ultimate luxury and pure regalia”.

Tasting notes: “To the palate spicy notes from coriander, peppery hint from cubeb pepper, citrussy brightness from lemon peel, zing from sweet orange peel, fresh aroma from darjeeling green tea and Lemon grass with a refreshing finish and a lingering aftertaste.”



Brand owner Teichenné

RRP £18, €20

Markets Europe

Contact Pol Luque Renaux, prenaux@teichenne.com

Gin L’Arbre (41% abv) is Teichenné’s new Mediterranean London dry gin, made in Tarragona, Spain. Gin L’Arbre is made using an “artisanal distillation process” in copper stills. The main botanicals are: juniper, coriander, lemon, rosemary, angelica root, cardamom, thyme, basil and lavender. The bottle features typography with a “rustic touch to match the roughness of the tree design”. The roots are intended to point to its high aromatic plants content from the pre-coastal Mediterranean.

Tasting notes: “Elegant and subtle flavour. Soft and smooth in the mouth, it blends perfectly with citrus fruit.”



Brand owner Jawbox Spirits Company

RRP £25

Markets UK only

Contact Amanda Moorhouse, amanda@mprcommunications.co.uk

Jawbox gin liqueurs have been launched by Jawbox Spirits Company in a choice of two flavours – Pineapple & Ginger and Rhubarb & Ginger. They are distilled near Belfast, Northern Ireland, at the Jawbox Distillery on a 300-acre 16th-century estate where the grain for the spirit is grown and harvested. The company says the new liqueurs have been balanced with sweet and spice and the classic Jawbox Small Batch Gin. Pineapple & Ginger “combines fiery ginger with the gin and finishes with the intense flavour of pineapple”. Rhubarb & Ginger combines ginger spice with “the Victorian garden flavour of rhubarb and Jawbox gin”.



Brand owner Aloha Assets

RRP €34.24

Markets Czech Republic, Denmark, soon in France, Germany, Spain & Italy

Contact Ricardo Gonzalez, rgonzalez@nativorum.com, Ultra-Premium Brands in Czech Republic , +42 (0)274 779 755, http://www.upb.cz

Aloha Assets has launched a range of rums under the name Auténtico Nativo (40% abv). Master blender Don Pancho Fernandez, has managed to develop a line of premium rums, offering products that have “true ageing and not the traditional solera system as most products”. The new range is produced in Panama, through a process of blending and aging in bourbon barrels. There are three expressions: Auténtico Nativo 15 Years, Auténtico Nativo 20 Years and Auténtico Nativo Overproof 108.



Brand owner Centre Vinicole – Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte

RRP As existing range

Markets Global

Contact Victoria.kukla@sopexa.com

Champagne brand Nicolas Feauillatte has launched redesigned packaging globally. The new look is intended to be more premium and modern, with a new emblem and different look and feel to the previous packaging.