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2019 World's Most Admired Wine Brands Awards Party
Published:  15 August, 2018
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Since 2011 Drinks International has been celebrating and rewarding the greatest wine brands on the planet with its annual ‘World’s Most Admired Wine Brands’ industry survey.

The prestigious list has seen great wines from every corner of the world voted by our carefully selected international academy of more than 200 wine buyers, masters of wines, journalists and wine writers. Every year we ask them to nominate the wine brands they admire the most, based on criteria such as consistent  or improving quality, reflection of the country of origin, marketing & packaging, broad appeal, and response to the aspirations and tastes of the target audience. The result has been  a fascinating and evolving insight into what makes a truly great wine brand.


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On Sunday 17th March 2019 in Dusseldorf, as a curtain raiser to ProWein, Drinks International will host the inaugural World’s Most Admired Wines Awards party. This special evening will count down the top 50 brands, with specific awards for the most admired in each region; highest new entry; highest climber and the overall winner – the World’s Number 1 Admired Wine Brand. In the company of masters of wine, judges, wine buyers, global wine retailers and writers, the wine world will celebrate success, at an energetic and contemporary evening. 


• Most Admired Wine Brand in the World
• Highest New Entry
• Highest Climber
• Most Admired Wine Brand in Europe
• Most Admired Wine Brand in North America
• Most Admired Wine Brand in South America
• Most Admired Wine Brand in Africa & the Middle East
• Most Admired Wine Brand in Australasia


The evening will be an unrivalled opportunity for a select group of sponsors to promote their brands in the company of some of the world’s most respected and admired wine makers, and their chosen guests. Network with the world’s leading wine producers, showcase your products and benefit from a six month promotional campaign.

For details of how you can present your products - and one of the prestigious awards on the night, please call Rick Beaumont or Jo Morley on +44 (0)1293 558130 or email rick.beaumont@drinksint.com or jo.morley@drinksint.com