Jim beam and Maker's Mark expect price increase after EU tariffs

Edrington Beam Suntory expects its American whiskey price points to increase internationally following the high tariffs placed on US products by the EU.

Earlier this Summer the EU announced a 25% tax on American whiskey exports in retaliation to president Trump’s similar import tariffs on steel.

Turkey also increased its tariffs on American alcoholic drinks to 140% over a separate feud, which has forced major bourbon producers to consider increasing price points.

An EBS representative said: “We expect to see the price points of our whiskey brands rise in line with the tariff being applied, just as they do when there are VAT and duty increases. The timing of these increases are currently being worked through.”

EBS owns American whiskey brands Maker’s Mark and Jim Beam, the largest bourbon brand by volume according to Drinks International’s Millionaires’ Club 2018.

According to the data, Jim Beam grew 11% between 2016-17 to reach almost 9m 9-litre cases globally.

The EBS representative added: “We are carefully assessing the impact and timing that the new tariffs on US whiskey will have on the UK market, taking into account the interests of our customers and consumers. 

“As we make this assessment, minimising the impact of these tariffs on our value chain going into our key trading period is a priority.”