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Brand owner Dale Sklar & Tequila Tapatio partnership

RRP £158.45-£167.30, €179-€189, $199-$240

Markets Global (Africa & Asia yet to be appointed)

Contact Tanya Sklar, Tanya@wineandspirit.com

The Villas Lobos brand has launched its extra Añejo 10 Year Old tequila Los Hombres (40% abv), which is made by master distiller Carlos Camarena and family at Destileria La Alteña in Arandas, Jalisco State. This is the fifth addition to the collection of 100% agave small-batch tequilas. Los Hombres is made using the traditional methods that Don Felipe used more than 80 years ago when he founded the distillery. Everything is done by hand, and only 2,000 individually numbered bottles have been produced. Due to agave shortages and the scarcity of old tequila, it is unlikely that any new production of Los Hombres will be made for at least six years.

Tasting notes: “Los Hombres maintains its spicy agave flavour and aromas, yet has the depth and complexity of a rare sipping whisky or cognac, and is presented in a gift-tube.”