Exclusive: Elon Soddu made head bartender at The Beaufort Bar

Elon Soddu has been named head bartender of The Beaufort Bar at The Savoy hotel in London.

Soddu will be promoted from his existing role as senior bartender at the hotel bar where he has been since 2016 and he will now head up the team at The Beaufort Bar. Soddu has previously worked at The Berkely hotel and The House of Ho.

The announcement was made in The Beaufort Bar by Declan Mcgurk, bar manager of The American Bar at The Savoy during the unveiling of his new head bartender Maxim Schulte, who has taken over from Erik Lorincz.

Mcgurk invited three former head bartenders of The American Bar; Victor Gower, Salim Khoury and Peter Dorelli to the unveiling of Schulte, who will be the 11th person to take on the role over the past 130 years.

Dorelli, Mcgurk and Mia Johansson were also introduced as the new faces of the UK Bartenders Guild by president Salvatore Damiano.

Dorelli said: “Through this new role I will bring passion, enthusiasm, a fresh sense of unity and a clear vision for the future of the UK bartending community. There are no obstacles to what we can achieve – we can do anything we want.

“There are some amazing bartenders in every corner if the UK who don’t get the same exposure and opportunities than the ones based in London, so we will be there to help them and expose their talents.”