Premium Mixers: The tonic for mixers

For brands such as Artisan, where each label is described as a work of art, Davidson believes the perfect serve – where the bottle containing the remainder of the mixer is served to the consumer together with the mixed drink – in the on-trade environment is very powerful. “This helps build both brand awareness and brand affinity,” he says.

“Social media allows us to target the bartender community with key category and brand messages that are seen in context of our consumers’ lifestyles. By connecting with and following other premium spirits brands in the social media space, we build quality and craft associations for our own Artisan brand.

“A striking feature of the Australian craft spirits market is the strong sense of encouragement and support that you feel is shared among all of the competing local distillers.

“We think premium mixers can benefit from a similar approach, where we each look to bring our own unique offering and perspective to this very vibrant beverage landscape and by doing so help grow the category.”

As for communicating to the end consumer, Bachert says that, with different drink activations such as Mules Around The World or Gin & Thomas, it can show that there is so much more to explore than just a regular G&T or Moscow Mule.

“But predominantly we do not

communicate to consumers directly. The on-trade, and in particular the bar community, is our primary target group.”