Château Bordeneuve excited for "impeccable" 2019 harvest

Bordeneuve Château & Collections has announced an “abundant” and “impeccable” harvest for its 2019 armagnac vintage.

The château produces a variety of armagnacs including its Baron de Sigognac range and commercial director Jérôme Castledine is excited about the latest harvest despite unfavourable weather.

“Considering the unstable and often extreme weather that has characterised 2019, we were only expecting a smallish harvest with a medium yield at Château de Bordeneuve,” said Castledine.

“I am, however, elated to inform you that this year's harvest has surpassed all hopes, being both abundant and of impeccable quality.

“Even our youngest Baco varietal vines, not yet at full maturity, have out-performed their tender years, liberating, during pressing, a rich and unctuous juice - characteristics that are particularly prized for distilling the very best, long-ageing armagnacs.”

The château has also recently launched a new website as well as landing a unique distribution deal with London restaurant Bob Bob Ricard.

Castledine added: “Our plots of Ugni Blanc, which represent roughly 70% of total hectarage, have delivered an aromatic juice, ripe with floral and citrus notes, which are ideal qualities for the art of blending and for raising younger vintages.

“The future 2019 vintage is looking very promising indeed.”