Burgess opens Ever After bar with all-day drinking and dining vibes

Renowned bar owner Ali Burgess says his new venue Ever After will deliver an all-day drinking and dining experience which is missing from the London bar scene.

Ever After replaces Petis Pois, which closed in December and is located directly above Burgess’ 50 Best Bar Happiness Forgets in Hoxton Square, London.

“Ever After is 100% a bar, but with food,” said Burgess. “We offer small plates for sharing but there’s also a 21-strong cocktail menu on offer.

“Funnily enough it’s my smallest venue but it has the largest menu. We’re covering everything from draft lager to great wine to delicious cocktails but we want it to be a welcoming and relaxed environment.”

Ever After officially opened on July 15 and Burgess said a major inspiration for the bar was Le Mary Celeste in Paris. The Parisian venue is renowned for its walk-in ethos and ability to serve a high quality, all-round experience. 

Burgess added: “We want people to think they can go to Ever After because they can have great food and drinks in the same place, and then if they’re really enjoying themselves they can go downstairs to Happiness Forgets.”

The menu has four non-alcoholic options while the food menu is half vegetarian with a variety of vegan options also available.

“We’re covering all basis but to the highest quality we can. I think there’s a demand for places with less rules where you can have as much food as you want or just enjoy some drinks. Le Mary Celeste absolutely nails this kind of vibe so if I can achieve that I’ll be super happy.”