Burgess opens Ever After bar with all-day drinking and dining vibes

The two signature serves are the frozen Martini and Milk Punch Sherry Cobbler. The first uses Plymouth Gin and Dolin dry vermouth and is pre-diluted with a white Koserat Tea from Ethiopia, while the latter combines Manzanilla and Amontillado sherry, white port, pineapple, orange and lemon.

Ever After has 25 covers and was originally due to open in March before lockdown took over and the space offers something completely different to his famed Happiness Forgets.

“It’s almost the opposite to Happiness because there it’s dark and moody, whereas Ever After is light and bright with neutral colours.

“I’d definitely look at opening up more of them because it’s the kind of space that pleases all. It’s a recognisable brand and we’re not trying to reinvent anything, just execute everything really well.”