Don Papa Rye Aged Rum launches in 28 markets

Don Papa has celebrated the close ties between the Philippines and the United States by launching a rum aged for four years in American rye casks.  

The producer is based on the island of Negros in the Philippines and it is sold in 28 markets around the world, including the USA.

Don Papa owner Stephen Carroll said: “Imagine a green, lush rye field on a beautiful Tennessee spring day merging with a warm tropical shower blowing in from the Philippine sea.

“This is the backdrop for Don Papa Rye Aged Rum — combining the intense granular spice notes of American rye barrels and our very own black gold molasses rum, resulting in a beautifully balanced, silky smooth and complex new rum.”

Spain ceded the Philippines to the USA in April 1898 and it remained an American colony until its declaration of independence in July 1946.

American culture has therefore made a lasting impression on the people of the Philippines.

“Though the Philippines endured Spanish occupation for over three centuries, the truly lasting influence on modern Filipino culture has been very much American,” said Don Papa. “Almost immediately after the war for independence, the Americans introduced Filipinos to automobiles, ice, Hollywood, Art Deco, American song and dance.

“This magical combination of glitz, glamour, and business only heightened Filipinos’ desires to build a world equally stunning. The height of this era coincided with the Negrense sugar boom of the 1920s and a new era of rum production.”

The new expression sits alongside Don Papa 7 Year Old, Don Papa 10, Rare Cask, Sherry Cask and the Sevillana Cask Finish in the range.

In the UK it has an rrp of £65 and has gained listings at Harvey Nichols, Master of Malt and The Whisky Exchange.