Bacardi launches Twistails for home cocktail market

Bacardi has entered the home-cocktail market with the launch of pre-made cocktail pods called Twistails.

Twistails are available on Amazon and have been designed for at-home consumption with three initial varieties including a Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri and a Rum Punch.

The Twistails come in pods which are added to water and ice in the Twistails shaker which aims to make cocktail making easier for consumers at home.

“With more and more people seeking convenience and home entertainment solutions, we asked ourselves how Bacardi could use its expertise as one of the world’s top spirits companies to create a product that would address this gap; and this is how Twistails was born,” says Ankush Manchanda, digital & ecommerce director for Bacardi.

“With the launch of Twistails we wanted to provide a solution that will show people you don’t need an elaborate set-up or countless ingredients to produce bar-quality cocktails at home – it can be as easy as a twist and a shake.” 

The starter pack, which includes the Twistails shaker, strainer and six pods, is available for RRP £26.99.

The cocktail pods range from 38.1% - 43.7% abv and the finished cocktails (120ml) range from 9.5% to 10.9% abv.