Everleaf launches two varieties as part of rebrand

Non-alcoholic aperitif brand Everleaf has re-launched with new branding, bottle design and two extra varieties this winter.

The brand was first introduced in January 2019 by bartender and conservation biologist Paul Mathew and as part of the range expansion, the original expression will be rebranded as Everleaf Forest.

Everleaf is made from a blend of botanical extracts and distillates with a base liquid which is designed to be mixed with tonic water. The two new varieties include; Everleaf Mountain and Everleaf Marine.

Forest is a blend of 14 botanicals including sweet orange blossom and Madagascan vanilla, bitter gentian and golden saffron while Mountain combines 12 botanicals including cherry blossom, rosehip, wild strawberry, myrtle and juniper.

Finally Everleaf Marine consists of 16 different botanicals with a core of piney juniper and bergamot, followed by tropical sea buckthorn and dulse and kelp seaweeds among others.

"It's incredibly exciting to see all of the research and development finally come to fruition and Everleaf offers a more complex option within the non-alcoholic spirits sector," said Mathew.

"Given the ongoing struggles in the on-trade it's great to have strong off-trade listings and hopefully Everleaf fills a gap in the off-trade market as we head into Christmas."

Mathew spent more than a year researching plants, sustainable sourcing, dehydrating samples and maceration to create the original Everleaf formula and throughout his career in the bar trade he has opened The Hide, The Arbitrager, and Demon, Wise & Partners in London.

Everleaf’s three expressions – Forest, Mountain and Marine – are available in the off-trade through M&S and Sainsbury’s and online via Everleaf’s website and Amazon at RRP £18 per 500ml.