The Drinks Trust support funds hit £1.2m in 2020

In 2020, The Drinks Trust provided support to nearly 5,000 beneficiaries through both wellness services and financial aid which surpassed £1m in total.

Ross Carter, CEO of The Drinks Trust, said: "In what has been a year of turmoil for the industry we have received thousands of requests for support from colleagues in need. Many of these individuals have been left without incomes and facing significant wellbeing challenges. We are grateful to all the businesses, and to the industry workforce community, who have donated to The Drinks Trust." 

The Drinks Trust approved more than 2,600 emergency grants worth £660,000.00; and a further £85,000 in other one-off applications for support. In total, the charity will have delivered more than £1.2m in support during 2020, compared to just over £500,000 in regular years.

The support provided by The Drinks Trust could not have been possible without the overwhelming support of the industry's companies, individuals and fundraisers. In the past few months, The Drinks Trust has received more than £2m in donations, aimed at providing help and support to colleagues in times of need.