Global Bartending Talent Agency launches online marketplace and Helping Hospitality initiative

Global Bartending Talent Agency is launching an online marketplace that connects cocktail lovers with some of the world’s best bars.

Bottled cocktails created by bartenders at a variety of famous venues will be on sale at the Global Bartending Marketplace.

Consumers will also be able to purchase bar equipment and mixology books, along with Trust Water – which gives 100% of its profits to industry charity The Drinks Trust.

Consumers will be able to pay in Bitcoin, which is currently enjoying a strong bull run, or via PayPal when the site goes live tomorrow.

Former Diageo World Class manager Dan Dove launched Global Bartending Talent Agency last year. It represents some of the world’s most famous bartenders, connecting them with luxury brands and consumers, while offering consultancy services to the trade.

The organisation will take a 10% commission on all sales at Global Bartending Marketplace, and the plan is to reinvest those funds into marketing initiatives in a bid to drive future growth. It hopes the online marketplace will provide an additional revenue stream for on-trade operators as we emerge from the strict lockdown measures.

Global Bartending Talent Agency has also launched an initiative called Helping Hospitality. Joe Schofield, Lynnette Marrero, David Rios and other leading bartenders represented by the agency have created a series of videos designed to help bar operators rebound following the difficult trading conditions of the past year.

There will be tips on how to manage the effects of the pandemic and rebuild, along with ideas designed to generate additional revenue. The videos can be found at:

Dove (pictured) said: “After an extremely difficult year we would like to shine a light on the difficulties that the hospitality industry has had to face throughout the pandemic. We believe that also enabling crypto currency as a form of payment will open the hospitality industry to new opportunities and help set it up for the future. 

“As part of the bartending community ourselves, we want to help and give back to as many people as possible. We hope that our small contribution helps our beloved industry get back up and running and that we can provide some much-needed support.”