Agung Prabowo: Tending from the heart

Dead&, a dive bar-inspired venue, is just a five-minute walk from Penicillin, which means Prabowo can keep his trained eye on both sites during the same shift. “People thought we were a bit crazy opening two bars a week after each other, but honestly they’re doing well and we just had a good feeling about both sites.” 

Having emigrated from Indonesia as a young man, Prabowo has risen to the very top of Asia’s bar scene. But it’s his generosity and seemingly endless stream of ideas which will keep him there as long as he wishes. A headhunting company is another project he’s lining up for the local industry as well as the installation of cocktail vending machines around the city, which he already uses at Dead& after closing for the 10pm curfew. But to support the local scene, Prabowo fills the machines with the bottled cocktails of other bars for free as they continue their recovery from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Bartending comes from the heart. If you don’t feel like that you shouldn’t be in hospitality. Sadly my father has passed away now but I’m sure somewhere he is looking down smiling, because I feel like I’ve made my parents proud, and now I want to do the same for my own family.”