Tequila's calling for celebrity mixto

Hayes suspects that tequila’s governing body, the CRT, may be forced to act if poor practices which are used to speed up production become more common, because it could start to harm the local economy and the sustainability of tequila in the long term. The sudden demise of the lesser long-nosed bat is just one consequence of the mass cloning and cultivation of blue agave, and Hayes believes a grading approach for the amount of agave used in a tequila could be a positive step.

“We need to change the perceptions of mixto, not just on the consumer side but for the whole trade, because of the environmental and economic impacts caused by the demand for agave production. If the industry continues to focus on just 100% agave then it’s not sustainable and we need to look after the spirit we love. More and more people are drinking tequila now so there’s even more responsibility on our shoulders.”

There’s no question that the popularity of 100% agave tequilas with Hollywood celebrities has helped take the category to new heights. But with the increasing environmental impacts of mass agave farming and the stigma surrounding mixtos beginning to change, now could be a good time for Beyonce to launch a premium 70% agave tequila for her 187 million Instagram followers to buy into.