George T. Stagg will not be released this year

Buffalo Trace Distillery will not release a George T. Stagg expression this year after deciding that the 15-year-old barrels do not meet the right taste standards.

George T. Stagg is traditionally distributed just once a year on a strict allocation basis, and it has cult following among bourbon enthusiasts. They will be left disappointed this year.

“Before any barrel can be dumped and bottled, it goes through rigorous testing procedures numerous times to ensure it is meeting the quality standards set forth for that brand,” said master distiller Harlen Wheatley.  “Unfortunately, this crop of barrels earmarked to be Stagg back when it was put in the barrel in 2006 did not meet the Stagg profile today.

“We discussed at great length how to proceed, and ultimately decided we did not feel right about lowering our standards or the age, by dipping into next year’s supply of barrels.

“We know fans will be disappointed, as are we, but we could not release a bourbon that we did not feel was up to par with the flavor profile expected of George T. Stagg.”

Drew Mayville, master blender and director of quality, added: “Quality is always paramount for our products. If the taste doesn’t match our expectations, then we will not release it to our customers.  And unfortunately, this year’s yield of Stagg did not meet our expectations.

“Good news is, we’ll have the barrels we put up in 2007, which are on track so far for a 2022 release, barring any unforeseen changes.” 
Yet Buffalo Trace will still release an exciting range of whiskeys as part of its Antique Collection later this month.
It includes William Larue Weller, Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye, Eagle Rare 17 Year Old, and Sazerac Rye 18 Year Old.

The Antique Collection has been going for more than 20 years now, and it has received numerous awards. The whiskeys will be released in limited quantities in late October, with a suggested retail price of $99 for each.