Liam Davy: Hawksmoor's Young Veteran

Having endured this adversity, Davy returned to the Hawksmoor group stronger and has turned his attention to The Lowback in London’s financial district of Canary Warf. 

“When we first found the venue I knew I wanted it to feel celebratory because the world had been in and out of lockdowns for two years and people were starting to spend more money in hospitality than they used to. 

“The other bars in the group are very much tied to restaurants, whereas The Lowback is a bar in its own right. You can still sit down and have a steak if you want one, but it’s more adult and grown up than some of our other sites. 

“When I was in New York I loved the happy hour vibe, so we’re trying to reinvent it a bit at The Lowback with a monthly rotation of happy hour drinks. Rather than just discounting existing stock, it’s a time to experiment and keep things fresh.” 

For the majority, 20 years in an industry as gruelling as ours would make keeping things fresh difficult. However, Davy’s enthusiasm appears as vibrant as ever, as his reputation matures like a fine wine.