Keith Motsi: Heart and Seoul

“That one wasn’t expected because Mark (Sansom, director of content for 50 Best Bars) called me up and I told him he ought to do a recount. It really means so much coming from my industry peers.” 

In modern bartending it’s become important to have a trademark – something quirky or unique about personal appearance. For Motsi it’s his red jacket. “It’s a nice jacket huh? They don’t come cheap either. I was wearing it in Beijing and I thought I’d bring it here too.” 

However, while Motsi is fast becoming one of Asia’s top bartenders and thriving on the main stage of hospitality, there are parts of his upbringing in the UK which he craves today. 

“I grew up in Yorkshire playing rugby and I wanted to be Richie McCaw. But now that we’ve emerged from the pandemic I want to start playing again with the ex-pats out here – it’s full-on contact, there’s no messing around.” 

And, while he serves luxury drinks on a daily basis, the simple pleasures are also sorely missed. “I miss a good pint of bitter and a Greggs sausage role, and being able to get two G&Ts for £10,” adds Motsi with a cheeky grin.