More Brits buy wine online

23 September, 2009

Shopping search engine Twenga has produced research that suggests British online users are the most avid wine enthusiasts in Europe, with wine accounting for 31% of all online searches across food and drink products.

The research highlights the most popular wines searched for by online consumers in the UK in comparison with France, Italy, Spain and Germany. It shows that French wine, with 64% of UK searches, is the most popular wine among British users. In their love of French wine, Britons are second only to the French (86%) and ahead of the Germans (40%). Italian and Spanish users rank French wine a close second behind wines from their own countries.

According to Twenga, the overall dominance of French wine on the web can be explained by the fact that France has some of the most expensive wines and therefore justifies the cost of shipping.

The research also reveals which local wines are most popular among local populations in Europe.

Twenga’s head of content, Therese Torris said: “Local people are still the best experts on their country’s wine.

“British online users can take a leaf from the choices of local wines made by French, Italian, Spanish and German users. They are a great source of inspiration about new wines to explore.”