Brewdog secures investment from former Skyy bosses

21 October, 2009

British brewer Brewdog has secured investment from two former Skyy Spirits bosses and launched an online shares scheme.

According to a statement from Brewdog, Keith Greggor and Tony Foglio were jointly responsible for growing Skyy Vodka into a billion dollar brand before selling Skyy Spirits LLC to Campari 2007.

The pair have invested a minority stake in the Fraserburgh-based brewery and have joined Brewdog’s management team, with Greggor becoming a company director. The duo’s key focus will be to help grow BrewDog PLC and to increase sales and distribution in the USA which is already a key export market.

Keith Greggor, who has set up an import business in the US, The Griffin Group, said: “During our many years in beverage alcohol, we have only seen a few game-changing players come in fresh to the industry.  Brewdog is one of them.”

The brewer has also launched Equity for Punks – an online equity raising method.

Through Equity for Punks, Brewdog will sell 10,000 shares for £230 each.

The community of 10,000 investors to Equity for Punks will receive a lifetime 20% discount on beer at and a stake in the company. The £2.3m raised from Equity for Punks will provide the funding for Brewdog to build a carbon neutral eco-brewery in Aberdeen.

Greggor continued: “The whole craft beer movement is becoming a common global phenomenon, with no other beverage alcohol sector having such a committed involvement from its consumers. Equity for Punks provides a unique opportunity for those committed consumers to become part of the fabric of the industry.  It goes well beyond the task of simply raising capital by developing a community of Brewdog beer lovers who become an army of Brewdog brand ambassadors. This community will thrive, as will the brand.”

A full investment prospectus is downloadable at where you can also buy shares online.