Fire devastates J Wray & Nephew cooperage

03 December, 2009

Jamaica: A fire has ripped through J Wray & Nephew’s cooperage in Kingston.

The blaze started on Tuesday at 5.30pm and was contained by 2.30am on Wednesday.

The cooperage, which is used for the assembly and maintenance of barrels used in the ageing of rum, was seriously damaged by the fire as were two small ageing warehouses.

There are currently no reports of any serious injuries to JW&N staff or members of the fire fighting service.

David McConnell, managing director, J. Wray & Nephew global marketing division, confirmed “that the effect of the fire will not in any way affect the company’s finished goods stock or production facilities that are isolated from its bulk aging facilities and as such will not cause any interruption in the supply of J. Wray & Nephew Limited products in either the short or long term.”

He said that over the years the company has always managed its risk by strategically locating its ageing facilities across the island.

McConnell expressed thanks to the Jamaica fire brigade and other bodies that offered assistance. J. Wray & Nephew is currently reviewing the extent of the damage to the property, which is insured.