US: Marani changes distro in Nevada
Published:  16 December, 2009

US: Marani Brands has appointed Southern Wine & Spirits as its distributor in Nevada.

Southern Wine & Spirits has distribution in 28 states and Marani, along with its key brand Marani vodka, is currently represented by Southern Wine and Spirits in California, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

Margrit Eyraud, Marani's CEO, said: "This change in distributors was an important milestone for our company. Nevada is a very difficult market to penetrate without the strength of a strong distributor. Distribution is the key to success in each market of expansion, and we believe that forging this new relationship with the strongest spirit distributor in the nation in Nevada will have a significant impact on Marani's penetration of the Nevada market. “Joining forces with Southern Wine and Spirits in Nevada will provide us with the right partner and platform to expand in a vibrant market that caters to citizens from around the world who come to Las Vegas and other cities in Nevada to enjoy their leisure time.”