Doubts cast over food matching

27 August, 2008
Page 11 
Forget about port and Stilton and think malt whisky - that was the message at a single malt and cheese tasting held at the Cheese School of San Francisco.

It was the first such tasting held in the US and tasters were somewhat sceptical.

Cheese authority Laura Martinez (left), author of The Everything Cheese Book, argued that whisky actually partners better with cheese than wine does.

The s ceptics were left unconvinced, but all agreed it was an intriguing concept with more work needed on individual pairings. The cheeses, all from California were certainly bold enough to link with the malts, but they seemed to stand apart, rarely complementing one another.

Martinez said she expected the tasting to open the way for further exploration of cheese and spirits pairings.

The tasting was sponsored by Ladybank, a members-only distillery, as part of a series of events to attract members.