Gireau Premium French Vodka

27 August, 2008
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Brand owner Gireau Corporation

Produced in France

Size 70cl

Price £23, €33 , US$42

A bv 40

Markets UK, Europe, US


Gireau Vodka is described as a superior quality sipping vodka that has been distilled four times from grain "harvested from the wheat fields of northern France with locally sourced spring water".

The packaging plays on the days of Napoleon, when French vodka was hailed as the finest and smoothest in the world . On the label is one of Napoleon's favoured emblems - a bee, the symbol of industry, efficiency and productivity.

Th is is the first of a planned range of premium spirits distilled in France from owner/distributer the Gireau Corporation, a small, independent company.

Tasting notes describe the vodka as "noticeably viscous with a full body and refreshingly clean foretaste, followed by a smooth finish. Soft and velvety, neutral and exceptionally gentle on the palate".

Serve neat, straight from the freezer.