2008 Millionaires Supplement

24 July, 2008

The Drinks International Millionaires list is an independent, annual listing of the year-on-year sales performance of spirits brands worldwide with sales exceeding 1 million 9-litre cases.

To download the supplement, click on the link at the bottom of the page  The figures for 2008 have been compiled on behalf of Drinks International by market research group, Euromonitor International, utilising their own teams of researchers and analysts stationed in offices in many markets around the world.The Millionaires list is compiled by having discussions with brand owners to obtain their official sales data, which is then assessed against figures from other industry and official sources.To be included in the list, annual brand sales must exceed one million 9-litre cases. Brands are not included if official data is not available - i.e. no estimates.This means the Millionaires Club figures are not taken directly from company production volumes, shipments or depletions figures.Classification: International, Regional, Domestic/LocalTraditionally, the Millionaires tables have been divided into International and Regional brands, but this year we have introduced a third classification, Domestic/Local, to give a more detailed picture. International brands are those sold in at least two regions and no more than 79.9 per cent sold in its biggest region.Regional brands are those with 80 per cent or more of volumes sold in a particular region.Domestic/Local brands are those with 90 per cent or more of volumes sold in a particular country.Most prevalent in the list are the Domestic/Local brands, with 77 entries. International brands account for 60 brands and Regional brands make up the balance.Despite the steps being made by international companies to push their leading brands into new markets, this shows that the global spirits market still revolves around Domestic/Local brands.About half the volumes in this list come from this sector – a figure that underplays its role in total spirits, bearing in mind the number of Domestic/Local brand producers – most notably in Asia-Pacific – that didn’t wish to participate in the list this year.Equally importantly, the share of actual volume sales of Domestic/Local brands has risen between 2003 and 2007, by nearly four percentage points, despite International brands seeing growth of nearly 24 per cent during that period. The main reason for this seems to be the dynamic growth of the Indian spirits market and the rise of brands in Russia and the Ukraine, as governments there attempt to clamp down on the black market for spirits.