Brazil calls on US Gov't to recognise national cachaça spirit

12 June, 2009

US: Leblon Cachaça is calling for the US to recognise Brazil’s national spirit as ‘cachaça’ and not ‘Brazilian rum’.

The Sociedade Brasileira da cachaça has declared today (12 June) as National Cachaça Day. US mixologists and cachaça fans are to protest to get the government to recognise cachaça.  Currently, the term Brazilian rum is required on cachaça labels.

Cachaça can only be made from fresh cane juice, whereas rum can be made from molasses.

 Using "Legalize Cachaça" as their rallying cry, supporters will be organising in various locations throughout New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Steve Luttmann from Leblon Cachaça said: "We would like to invite everyone to recognize Cachaça for what it is - Brazil's Noble Spirit.

"Like Tequila, it's a national spirit that is growing in popularity, and deserves to be recognised as what it is – cachaça.”